Winter 2012


The Heirloom Issue

Welcome to The Heirloom Issue. Focusing our winter issue  on food culture, tradition and heritage foodways is not new to us. Last winter, for example, we featured a short history of sugar in Texas, a recipe for Southern Hospitality Punch and a story on the origins of the Texas pecan-growing industry in San Saba. The winter months are a good time for preserving the bounty of the late fall and winter harvests, preparing holiday meals in a warm kitchen and remembering things past. There may not be snowflakes on our windowpanes, but we can relax a bit from the grip of drought and summer heat.

Since we have begun giving our seasonal issues a special theme as an extra layer of focus, it just seemed natural to call the winter book The Heirloom Issue. 

What is it about pondering our past that gives such comfort? History informs and gives context and meaning to our lives. We learn from past mistakes, creating collective workbooks with outcomes and dividends. We might perfect a family recipe by repetition over one year or across generations, but we don’t let them slip away.


About the Cover

Jessica Maher’s Florettas and Spicy Chocolate, by Jenna Noel.



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Notable Edibles

Community Garden of Eatin’, Whip In’s Namaste Brewing, East Side Garden Exchange, EIEIO’s Organic Farm.



Texas Wendish Heritage Society

Handcrafting the perfect noodle.

Yes, We Can

A short history of preserving food in Texas.

Stephanie McClenny

Maker of New World confitures.

Sweet Memories

A confectionery of sought-after family recipes.

Get Your Goat

The ascension of goat meat on Austin tables.

Love in a Corn Husk

Filling a void with from-scratch tamales.

Tamales y Tradición

Welcome to the tamalada.

Edible Endeavors

Bakery Lorraine.



Jackie Letelier.


Farmers Diary

A barnyard dance at Hausbar Farms.

Edible Field Cooking



Edible Filmaking

Now, Forager.

Department of Organic Youth

Mushroom hunter.

Embracing Local

The Family Dinner.

Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking

Making sauerkraut and sauerruben.

Behind the Vines

Don Pullum.

La Casita de Buen Sabor


Eat Wild

Foraged pemmican.