Fall 2012


Passport to Local!

There’s no denying it. There are times when we just love to pack up and go. We travel for work, we travel for adventure and sometimes we travel just to get away from it all. 

So why is a local food magazine doing a Travel issue? Because we love to travel and we know that you do, too. Our mission as an Edible Communities publication is to grow the local food movement wherever we are—raising awareness of the benefits and value of local food. We know that when we travel, we can all be ambassadors for this message and honor the local food communities wherever we go. The places we visit, the people we meet and the food we eat at our destinations—or along the way—all present opportunities to find those hidden gems and support local farmers, food artisans, traditions and culture—and bring it back home.

About the Cover

Morning service of beignets at Café du Monde, New Orleans, by Jenna Noel.



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Notable Edibles

Jester King Craft Brewery, Students tackle James Beard House, Food is Free Project, Home Sweet Farm.



Culinary incandescence in Rockport.

Jack Gilmore’s Texas Farm Tour

Going to the source.

Playing with Tradition

New Orleans chefs redefine the local cuisine.

Pursuing Tej

On the hunt for the perfect bottle.

The Great South African Ostrich

Tackle that egg.

Plentiful Peru

A market full of food discoveries.

Toujours Pau

Preserving the bounty from the seasons.

What I Eat and Why

Cooking with jai.

Italian Ingenuity

Innovations for the small-scale producer.

Falling for Marble Falls

Escape is closer than you think.


Generation Food

Raj Patel.


Judith McGeary.

Cooks at Home

Miguel Ravago.

Cooking Fresh

Mexican and Turkish market delights.

Department of Organic Youth

Table of learning in Florence.

Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking

Apple scrap vinegar.

Embracing Local

On the Road.

Behind the Vines

4.0 Cellars.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Chiles con queso.

Seasonal Muse

Crop cycles.

Root Causes

A cultivated lineage.

Eat Wild

Foraging around the Lone Star State.

Back of the House

Commander's Palace.

Art de Terroir

Collections Selections: De-Luxe.