Summer 2012


Five Years Old!

It’s been an exceptionally rewarding five years as we’ve grown our local food magazine from 52 pages for our debut issue in the summer of 2007 to this 100 page-issue in your hands today. We’ve watched and cheered as our local food community has swelled as well. One thing for certain is that there has never been a lack of fascinating and deserving stories to tell. We’d like to thank all of our hardworking contributors, our advertisers, our subjects and our readers for making us what we are today and giving us the motivation and inspiration for publishing Edible Austin for many more years to come.


About the Cover

Picante Galia Melon Ice Pops. Photography by Whitney Arostegui.


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Publisher's Note

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Notable Edibles

Texas Distilled Spirits Association, NAO: New World Flavors, Wunder-Pilz, Hillside Farmacy, Woerner Feed & Garden Supply


Neighborhood Farms

Urban Patchwork.



La Cruz de Comal

Lewis Dickson and Tony Coturri are making natural Texas wine.



Kate Payne.


Edible Endeavor

Argus Cidery.


Edible Ag

The State of Texas Milk

Getting small is the alternative to getting out of the milk business.


Farmers Diary

Mill-King Market & Creamery.



Christian Remde

Capturing the story of hope.



Pint to plate.


Cooks at Home

Lisa Byrd.


Cooking Fresh

Liquid Ingredients

Break out the good stuff and let the liquid ingredients in our dishes be the stars. 


Responsible Shopping

Good fish. 


The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking

Spirited Infusions.


Edible Destination

To Market in Houston

Exploring Houston's markets where there's plenty to tempt the taste buds.


Edible Endeavors

In Dry Times

Innovations make local food production possible in times of drought. 


Edible Endeavors

Sustainable spirits.


Edible Gardens

Kitchen composting. 


Behind the Vines

Pedernales Cellars. 


La Casita de Buen Sabor

Let them drink punch—with tequila!


Seasonal Muse



Root Causes

Gone for good. 


Eat Wild

Yerba Tex-Maté tea.


Department of Organic Youth

Making a stand.


Back of the House

Midnight Cowboy and 400 Rabbits.


Art de Terroir

Texas Prize.