Summer 2007-Corrections

In the "In Search of a Raw (I)Deal story, the driving distance to the raw milk dairy farms was mis-stated, not by the writer, but inadvertently, during the copyedit process. It should have said "There are two raw milk daires certified by the Texas Department of Health Services within 80 miles of Austin—" instead of "30 miles of Austin." Here is the contact information for both of these dairies:

Strykly Texas Cheese • 629 Krenek-Stryk Rd. • Schulenburg, TX 78956
Phone: 979-561-8468 •

Sand Creek Farm • 1552 County Road 267 • Cameron, Texas 76520
Phone: 254-697-2927 •

In the "Gardening Inside the Box" story, Richard Louv's book is entitled Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder instead of Small Child in the Woods. This mistake was not the fault of the author, but unfortunately occurred during the editing process.