Start a Holiday Tradition w/ Historic, Delicious Bayonne Ham from France

Bayonne Combo

Want the perfect pairing? Try ading delicious and historic French Bayonne Ham from Central Market and locally produced French wines from Ron Yates to your holiday charcuterie board! Check out their Instagram page for inspiration. 

Produced in a time-consuming, 7-step process, Bayonne Ham is a literal labor of love. The level of care and consistency over the past millennium earned Bayonne Ham a PGI certification in 1998. An acronym for “Protected Geographical Indication,” the PGI is a sign of quality and origin established by the European Union in 1992, communicating to consumers that any certified product has a history and tradition in their area.And with over 1,000 years of history and the favorite of French kings, French Bayonne Ham has plenty of history and tradition.

“Bayonne Ham is a local product that draws on 1,000 years of know-how, history and pleasure,” says Stéphanie Couralet, communication officer for the Bayonne Ham Consortium in France. “As it was done a thousand years ago, Bayonne Ham is produced according to ancestral methods:


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Bayonne Combo 2